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Advanced Search

The advanced search enables you to query the unisequences in the database by the functional classification group they have been assigned to based on their putative function. The classification system we use is a hierarchical one with over 400 categories. The groups you can select from the pull down menu are the top level groups of this classification system as well as some of the second level categories. For example, as well as selecting unisequences classified as being involved in metabolism, you can also select those involved in certain subsets of metabolism such as amino acid metabolism or secondary metabolism.

You can select which EST sets you wish to query by checking the tick boxes. By default they are all selected. At least one EST set must be selected when you submit your query. To select all the unisequences involved in fatty acid oxidation in Magnaporthe grisea, select "energy: oxidation of fatty acids" from the functional classification menu and select Magnaporthe grisea as the EST set.

You can also limit your search based on protein function. Up to two terms can be entered to query the putative protein products / functions of the unisequences. These can be joined using the logical operators 'AND' and 'OR' You can also use "%" as a wildcard character. For example, you could search for cytochrome monooxygenases by putting 'cytochrome' in one text box and 'monooxygenase' in the other and selecting the 'AND' operator. If you select the 'OR' operator the query will return all cytochromes and all monooxygenases.

Press the Submit button to run the query. Press the Reset button to clear the form. The query produes a table showing unisequences, the EST set they are from and their putative protein product / function. Click on the name of the unisequence for further information about it. Click on "Retrieve sequences" to open a new browser window containing a FASTA formatted file with all the sequences from the query.