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Analysis of transcript abundance between two cDNA libraries

Select a pair of Gibberella zeae cDNA libraries to identify those unigenes that show significantly different levels of EST transcript abundance between the two libraries.

Select a pair of libraries to compare

Select the threshold level for significance

Details of each library (click on library name for further details, total number of ESTs sequenced from each library in brackets)
Gz01: NRRL 31804 mature perithecia (2430).
Gz02: NRRL 31084 nitrogen-starved mycelium (5205).
Gz03: NRRL 31084 carbon-starved mycelium (1822).
Gz05: DAOM 180378 mycelium grown on a simple substrate. (1909).
Gz06: DAOM 180378 mycelium grown on a complex plant substrate. (1284).
Gz15: DAOM 180378 perithecia (1815).

This data was generated as part of the e-Fungi project.