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Search for hits against Saccharomyces cerevisiae translated ORFs

BLASTX was used to compare unisequences against translated ORFs from the genome of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (downloaded from the Saccharomyces genome database) and all hits with e-values less than 10-5 were entered into the COGEME database. You can search for unisequences that are homologous to a yeast gene by entering either the systematic name (e.g. YPR160W) or the standard name (e.g. GPH1) of the gene and selecting the EST set you are interested in. By keeping the "Top hit only" check box ticked, the query only returns unisequences whose top hit against the S. cerevisiae genome matches the gene entered. If it is unchecked then all unisequences that have a hit against the gene are returned. Results are sorted by e-value, lowest (best hit) first. The gene names are based on those used at the Saccharomyces genome database (SGD), if your gene returns no hit check the SGD database for the correct gene names. If you are using another alias for the gene, clicking the name of your gene at the top of the query results page may locate it in the SGD.

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